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Hello, and welcome to our blog, The Brick Tavern! We focus specifically on LEGO related MOCs (My Own Creations) and stories, both from other people and ourselves. Many of these builders featured are not as well known in the community as they should be - we aim to help change that.
Feel free to look around and view our pages. Feedback is appreciated!

Contributors to The Brick Tavern:

Ieuan Richards, known in the LEGO community as Erathor Pridenar. Often uploading LEGO creations to his Flickr account, he is very active in the community, which he joined in May 2013. He mostly builds in the castle theme, though sometimes branches out into other themes such as space.

Ignacio Repetto, or BrickThinker as he is called on Flickr. He is another member of the online LEGO fan community and has been active since April 2013. Like Ieuan, Ignacio is a keen castle builder who occasionally builds in the steampunk theme, as well as a few others.

Ian Diller, known to the online community as Brickninja. He is active on Classic-Castle and on Flickr. He has been part of the community since November 2013, and like the first two, primarily builds castle, but sometimes works in the space and mecha genres, as well as the occasional Town. Ian is also a co-founder of the Struggle for Klegon Sci-Fi MOC-based RPG challenge.

Jackson Salyers, known as Jackson of Garheim on Flickr. Having joined the online community in December 2013, he has been very active in the castle genre, like the rest of the team, and often dabbles in science-fiction. Jackson, like Ian, helped to kick off the SfK game.

Frog is our fifth member - yes, we really do call him that, after all, he's known by Dead Frog inc. on Flickr. He is not part of any roleplaying games, and his building is focused mainly on sci-fi creations, often asymmetrical robots and spaceships.

Ignacio, Ian, Jackson and Ieuan are all involved in a LEGO fantasy-based roleplaying game called The Lands of Roawia (the LoR). It involves four distinctive factions and an intricate storyline often based around the power struggle for the throne of Roawia, the land this game is based in. Ignacio and Ieuan are part of the faction called Loreos, a country in the south of Roawia that is covered in flat grassland, dry desert and huge mountains. Both Ian and Jackson are members of Garheim, a mountainous, cold, northern faction. I highly recommend that you click on the link and read through the thread; the LoR is perfect for LEGO experts and beginners alike, and is full of great builders!
Here are photos of our respective characters, for your own interest:

Erathor Pridenar (Ieuan's character):
Erathor Pridenar  
John Drake (Ignacio's character):

Sir Ian Drakesbayne (Ian's character):

Jackson Reavstone (Jackson's character):

Jackson of Garheim - SigFig Update