Thursday, 27 February 2014

Double Danger

BRIEGEL (NO.2) by simmon12
BRIEGEL (NO.2), a photo by simmon12 on Flickr.
This pair of Mechs by simmon12 is just AWESOME. They look like the Dragon from Mechwarrior, and are also very realistic. I can imagine them stomping and jumping around and then blasting things to pieces as they run. If you love Mechs like me, please look through his photostream.

Belynia - what a city!

Belynia by Simon S.
Belynia, a photo by Simon S. on Flickr.

Simon S. has always been a very competent builder, but I think he's outdone himself here! I think this is part of a modular castle; if so, imagine what the rest of it will look like!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I wanna live here!

House of Kaspar Henneberg by THE BRICK TIME Team
House of Kaspar Henneberg, a photo by THE BRICK TIME Team on Flickr.

This great house by THE BRICK TIME Team is perfect in every way. I've said enough already, just enjoy the pic.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Bullfrog Fighter by Legohaulic
Bullfrog Fighter, a photo by Legohaulic on Flickr.
This olive green fighter, entitled "Bullfrog Fighter", and built for the Starfighter Telephone game by Legohaulic really does have the look of a frog about it! Some sweet curves in olive green(Which is another thing that I think makes everything look good) really make this build look awesome.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Snip Snap

Cut Here by David_Alexander_Smith
Cut Here, a photo by David_Alexander_Smith on Flickr.
This amazing build by David Alexander Smith is instantly recognizable and very original. The idea of the cut here line is unique! Nice work!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Golden Fighter

The Gilded Wyvern by Titolian
The Gilded Wyvern, a photo by Titolian on Flickr.
This awesome starfighter by Titolian looks like it could be something a king would fly. The silver tubes along the prongs really add to the look of it. The name "Gilded Wyvern" seems very appropriate.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Where no minifig has gone before

FebRovery (With Figure) by General JJ
FebRovery (With Figure), a photo by General JJ on Flickr.
General JJ, who are becoming regulars on this blog, have built this magnificent rover for FebRovery. There are some fantastic fig combos and building techniques going on here, not to mention the lunar ground. It seems like there will soon be a theme month for every month soon! Besides Droneuary, I have yet to participate in any, although I may whip up a rover for this, and I plan on doing something for NoVVember this year.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Fine Beauty

The Ol' Brown Truck by Karf Oohlu
The Ol' Brown Truck, a photo by Karf Oohlu on Flickr.
This amazing farmhouse truck built by Karf Oohlu demonstrates the infinity of uses that Lego pieces have!. The mindblowing combos employed show us his expert ability to build everything with a wide range of pieces! Great job!

Stories 'round the campfire

This build by Brother Steven conveys soldiers sitting at their camp, in a beautiful autumn forest. The trees in this MOC are very nice, the Erickson bros have a knack for them. I have a feeling, though, that their storyline may get suddenly interrupted soon, due to the bear behind the tree!
By the way, Steven says that his and Mark's last MOC for their highly anticipated( at least for me) book, The Anselm Saga, is half finished! Mark said that for that MOC they are going to try break their size record, which translated, means total epicness. I can't wait!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back In Time

This awesome build by AC Pin captures the amazing architecture and describes a fabulous New World environment with his beautiful citizens. Great job!

A Loreesi in Garheim

I'm sorry, but due to my loyalty to LCC' s Garheim faction, which I am in involved in, I had to blog this. Besides that, it made me laugh. It also was a well timed snappy comeback during a Loreos-Garheim argument about whether a Loreesi could survive the Garhim cold on the Classic-Castle forums. Members of Loreos reading this, please forgive me.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Massive Lego Kashyyyk project by Solid Brix Studios on Youtube

I thought it was worth highlighting that David Hall over at Solid Brix Studios is doing a weekly-installment videos of his massive Lego Star Wars Kashyyk base project, showing viewers the process and how-tos of such a large scale project. I think they are worth watching, they're very interesting and cool. There's a new installment every Friday,(American time) and he asks that you spread word of this project so he can get support. Above is week 2.(Sorry, I had some problems with Blogger, so I couldn't post week 1 or week 8, the most recent episode)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Release the turtles!

Turtle Weapon Variants by Legoloverman
Turtle Weapon Variants, a photo by Legoloverman on Flickr.
Pete Reid, aka Legoloverman, has upgraded his awesome turtles with some serious firepower. These look awesome in lime green, and are very detailed and realistic looking. Check out the photo on Flickr for an awesome promo video by Chris Salt, and click here to see my attempt at a turtle (Of course not as epic as these) that I built a while ago.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NPU: Noun. Stands for Nice Part Use. Other definitions: This MOC!

SM-1 by valgarise
SM-1, a photo by valgarise on Flickr.
Title says it all. Most creative usage of parts I have seen recently. And this masterpiece is by Valgarise.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Movie food

Bruce in The LEGO® Movie by bruceywan
Bruce in The LEGO® Movie, a photo by bruceywan on Flickr.

Well done bruceywan for creating these tasty-looking pieces, as they feature in The LEGO Movie! I honestly can't wait to see it, please come sooner Valentine's Day!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Classic Space, awesomeified

LL-559a by Rogue Bantha
LL-559a, a photo by Rogue Bantha on Flickr.
This NCS (Neo-Classic Space) space fighter by Rogue Bantha is deliciously greebly (I wonder how many times I've used that phrase) and very realistic looking. I wouldn't be too surprised to see something like this flying around in space in 300 years or so.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Locate and destroy

HV6.0 by Titolian
HV6.0, a photo by Titolian on Flickr.
This is quite the drone. Built by Titolian for Droneuary, the delicately balanced, but graceful and deadly looking, legs and the great proportioning of this thing really strikes me, and you, surely. I especially love the tiny gun to huge body ratio. This, my friends, is a LEGO drone.

Perfection in modules

Nordana Castle, Front by Gideon_83
Nordana Castle, Front, a photo by Gideon_83 on Flickr

This fabulous gatehouse by Gideon_83 is only part of a larger MOC, which I cannot wait to see in it's entirety! This is an amazing piece of work!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nice kitty, nice kitty....

Angry Uni-kitty. by Lego Junkie.
Angry Uni-kitty., a photo by Lego Junkie. on Flickr.
This stupendous model of the Angry Uni.kitty from The Lego Movie is just incredible! Those amazing eyes transmit the fury of the terrifying model built by Lego Junkie. Awesome job!

A house fit for a king

These medieval houses by Ecclesiastes are terrific. Check out the fantastic interior shots on his Flickr.

Monday, 3 February 2014

GCVI Part 3

GCVI Part 3 by General JJ
GCVI Part 3, a photo by General JJ on Flickr.

This awesome MOC by General JJ has so much awesome going on in it, it's hard to specify something in particular. The olive-green roof,  however, adds a lovely splash of colour to the already-brilliant scene. Well done guys.

The Firestorm Heavy Interceptor

This starfighter by BrickinA has all the makings of a great starfighter. Sweet color scheme, deliciously greebly, and just plain awesomeness.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Look Mr. Frodo.....An Oliphaunt!

I, as a Tolkien lover, want to thank whoever initiated the Middle Earth Lego Olympics, because it's churning out some seriously cool MOCs. For instance, this Oliphaunt, by Simply Complex Simplicity.
I have no words to describe the awesomeness.

Kneel Before that Awesome Statue

Battle for Erebor by Legopard
Battle for Erebor, a photo by Legopard on Flickr.
This MELO entry for the third round is just dazzling. Legopard did a fantastic job on the stone staue. This might just as well be the winner in the round. Great job!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beware the super awesome drone

This drone, built for Droneuary, by J5N, is pretty boss.
I mean, check out those ridiculously sweet legs. Who would want to fight and try to destroy the thing?