Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Lands of Classic Castle Roleplaying Game

Ignacio and I are both involved in a LEGO fantasy-based roleplaying game called The Lands of Classic Castle (the LCC). It involves four distinctive factions and an intricate storyline often based around the power struggle for the throne of Roawia, the land this game is based in. Both of us are part of the faction called Loreos, a country in the south of Roawia that is covered in flat grassland, dry desert and huge mountains. I highly recommend that you click on the link and read through the thread; the LCC is perfect for LEGO experts and beginners alike, and is full of great builders!
Here are photos of our respective characters, for your own interest:
Erathor Pridenar (my character):

 John Drake (Ignacio's character):