Thursday, 23 January 2014

My intro post!

Hey there! Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Ian, aka Brickninja, and I'm the newest contributer to The Brick Tavern.
Some things about me:
I am a TFOL.
I like sushi.
I like making my own duct tape/foam swords to fight with.
I am living for a year abroad in the UK, I will return to the US about 6 months from the time of writing this.
My favorite theme to build in is probably Castle, followed by space and mecha (I don't know if those count as the same)
I, like Ieuan and Ignacio, am involved in the Lands of Classic Castle role-play on Classic-castle. I am in the Garheim faction, and I recently joined.
And last of all, I'm sorry to break the streak of contributors to this blog with the initials I. R. At least I'm an "I"!
Finally, here is my sigfig in his LCC garb:

I'm looking forward to being able to blog all those amazing models that I don't see getting blogged!