Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hello and welcome to The Brick Tavern!

Hello, and welcome to our blog, The Brick Tavern! We focus specifically on LEGO related MOCs (My Own Creations) and stories, both from other people and ourselves. Feel free to look around and view our pages. Feedback is appreciated!

Contributors to The Brick Tavern:

Ieuan R., known in the LEGO community as Erathor Pridenar. Often uploading LEGO creations to his Flickr account, he is very active in the community, which he joined in May 2013. He mostly builds in the castle theme, though sometimes branches out into other themes such as space.

Ignacio R., or BrickThinker as he is called on Flickr. He is another member of the online LEGO fan community and has been active since April 2013. Like Ieuan, Ignacio is a keen castle builder who occasionally builds in the Steampunk theme, as well as a few others.