Friday, 31 January 2014

A pirate's life for me

Check out this epic creation titled "Pirate Rock" by Fraslund.

This has some seriously cool rockwork and architecture, and has been blogged at least twice elsewhere. It was originally going to be an entry for CCCXI, but he ran out of time to finish it before the contest ended. I'm glad he didn't, because A: My puny entry to the same category would have been utterly crushed, and he says if he had decided to enter it, he would've just thrown together the last parts and left it not as glorious as what we see here. I'm glad we get to see it in all its glory.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pimp My Riddle

Riddler's Rat Rod by Tigmon74
Riddler's Rat Rod, a photo by Tigmon74 on Flickr.
This re-make of the Riddler chase car, is fabulous! tigmon74 improved the entire design and added much needed style to the car. Great job!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


When I saw this older creation by Ian Spacek, I had to laugh. This vig has some personal significant for me, as any of my friends who've known me long enough, have come to expect me behind every corner. I'm pretty well known for jumping out and scaring people very frequently, and I think I can say I've perfected the art, much the same as that guy in the build. This scene has perfect posing and expressions on the figs, PPU (Perfect part use) with that blue flame piece!

Monday, 27 January 2014

I saw a ship a-sailing

Venetian War Galley by Mark of Falworth
Venetian War Galley, a photo by Mark of Falworth on Flickr.

The Venetian War Galley, by Mark of Falworth on Flickr, is a real beauty of a ship. I love the oars at the side of the boat and the use of the sail/cloth piece at the stern of the ship, over the captain's quarters. Take a look through Mark's photostream and you can find many more brilliant MOCs!

Here there be monsters

I love this older MOC by Digger1221. It seems like an older fisherman's tale that would be told around a fire. This is one of my favorite builds, I'm not sure why, it's just..
it feels very ominous and creepy, but in a good way.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Planning ahead

This entry for the GCVI in LCC built by Louie le Brickvalier, shows a different aspect of which is usually forgotten war. What most of us think about is getting weapons, supplies and troops. Yet here we see another perspective: strategic planning. Not only is the build original but also very well accomplished!

Ebronahr, the awesome barracks of the Elves

Ebronahr by 'Ecclesiastes
Ebronahr, a photo by 'Ecclesiastes on Flickr.
This beautiful barracks MOC from 'Ecclesiastes on Flickr makes me want to build Elves and everything to do with them, but anything I make can never be as good as this!

Tower of greebles

For your Saturday morning enjoyment I present to you Legonardo Davidy's "Moruth Outpost", or as I like to call it, the Tower of Greebles.

Words cannot describe the insane level of detail that went into both the tower itself and the rock work beneath. David really is the master of crazy angles.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Wicked Vic

Hall Viper by SPac13
Hall Viper, a photo by SPac13 on Flickr.
This awesome Vic made by SPac13 is just mindblowing and extremely elaborate! It's great to see that many great new builders such as Josh are joining the online Lego community!

Hobbiton...with a twist

Fabuland Hobbiton by qi_tah
Fabuland Hobbiton, a photo by qi_tah on Flickr.
This version of Hobbiton is just marvelous. Set in Fabuland, qi_tah re-creates J.R.R. Tolkien's town to perfection. Having seen the many WIPs of the build I'm glad to see it really  turned out to be excellent!

Stomp stomp boom

A while ago I was surfing through the archives of TBB when I found this masterpiece mech, which unfortunately, due to my memory, I can't give credit  for to anyone. In other words, I can't remember who it was by, and if anyone knows  please tell me in the comments. But check out that detailing, especially on the antennae made from half-pins. I appreciate me a good mech, as a huge fan of the genre.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

This fantastic version of Tom Bombadil's house built by Sergeant Chipmunk' is fabulous! The masonry techniques used give it a true medieval feel. The colorful build captures the joy of the 4 hobbits as they arrived!

These drones are seriously good-looking!

When Hammerstein NWC posted this awesome group of drones and sci-fi figs, The Brute Force, on Flickr earlier, I knew I had to blog it. There's been a huge increase in the number of drones built lately, but these have to be some of the best around! What makes it even cooler is the great backstory, continuing from the current Galaxy Squad and the old Alien Conquest themes. Check out his Flickr photostream for individual pics!

The Brute Force, a photo by Hammerstein NWC on Flickr

With walls this detailed, I couldn't resist a stay at this inn

Check out this inn, built for LCC, by Justin and Jordan (General JJ). Those walls are fantastic! I sure am glad they're also in Garheim. Sigh…I wish I had that many brick bricks (masonry bricks)….

My intro post!

Hey there! Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Ian, aka Brickninja, and I'm the newest contributer to The Brick Tavern.
Some things about me:
I am a TFOL.
I like sushi.
I like making my own duct tape/foam swords to fight with.
I am living for a year abroad in the UK, I will return to the US about 6 months from the time of writing this.
My favorite theme to build in is probably Castle, followed by space and mecha (I don't know if those count as the same)
I, like Ieuan and Ignacio, am involved in the Lands of Classic Castle role-play on Classic-castle. I am in the Garheim faction, and I recently joined.
And last of all, I'm sorry to break the streak of contributors to this blog with the initials I. R. At least I'm an "I"!
Finally, here is my sigfig in his LCC garb:

I'm looking forward to being able to blog all those amazing models that I don't see getting blogged!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rewind please....

This month Kosmas Santosa organized the HARDnuary competition which consists of building everyday items. His VHS tape is an excellent copy of the real one to the point that from afar you can't even tell the difference. Yet again another great build by Kosmas!

I would love this to be the Western Gate to my castle

This creation, The Western Gate - Morastius-Renu, by Mattiusxavier on Flickr, is amazing! The architecture is just perfect, especially with the white mixed in. All budding castle builders should aim to build something like this one day.

"Let's go beat some prawn!"

District 9 - MNU APC by Disco86
District 9 - MNU APC, a photo by Disco86 on Flickr.
For those of you who have seen the film (yet another of Peter Jackson's awesome movies),you will instantly recognize the MNU vehicle. Paul (Disco86) captured the style and design of the armoured vehicle.

Artic Steampunk Crew

We have seen many Figbarf's but one of the best people to make them is Pate-keetongu. Using quite a few of the new The Lego Movie series minifigures hats, mustaches and beards he has created a perfect and well fit Artic Steampunk crew.
Be sure to check their backstories out in his blog here.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Lands of Classic Castle Roleplaying Game

Ignacio and I are both involved in a LEGO fantasy-based roleplaying game called The Lands of Classic Castle (the LCC). It involves four distinctive factions and an intricate storyline often based around the power struggle for the throne of Roawia, the land this game is based in. Both of us are part of the faction called Loreos, a country in the south of Roawia that is covered in flat grassland, dry desert and huge mountains. I highly recommend that you click on the link and read through the thread; the LCC is perfect for LEGO experts and beginners alike, and is full of great builders!
Here are photos of our respective characters, for your own interest:
Erathor Pridenar (my character):

 John Drake (Ignacio's character):

Hello and welcome to The Brick Tavern!

Hello, and welcome to our blog, The Brick Tavern! We focus specifically on LEGO related MOCs (My Own Creations) and stories, both from other people and ourselves. Feel free to look around and view our pages. Feedback is appreciated!

Contributors to The Brick Tavern:

Ieuan R., known in the LEGO community as Erathor Pridenar. Often uploading LEGO creations to his Flickr account, he is very active in the community, which he joined in May 2013. He mostly builds in the castle theme, though sometimes branches out into other themes such as space.

Ignacio R., or BrickThinker as he is called on Flickr. He is another member of the online LEGO fan community and has been active since April 2013. Like Ieuan, Ignacio is a keen castle builder who occasionally builds in the Steampunk theme, as well as a few others.